Principals Message

Dream Big... No Excuses!

Angel Lopez  
    Angel Lopez, Principal   

Parents, Students, and Community Members,

We have a busy year planned and are excited about the upcoming school year! We will continue to provide opportunities for our students to become involved, experience personal growth and explore gifts/talents.  We will continue to foster the academic, extra-curricular, co-curricular, and college and career planning and growth for each individual student.  Our student needs continue to drive our schedule and will remain a focus throughout the year.  Our Career and Technology programs offer various career pathways.  Taft will be a power house for Agriculture, Business, Technology, and Human Services. In growing our programs of study, our students will work toward certifications that will make them marketable and competitive in the workforce, while still preparing them for a post-secondary education. 

We will continue to implement a positive culture by using the “Capturing Kids Hearts” process to establish positive relationships with our students, staff, parents, and community.   We will continue to foster a collaborative culture that makes decisions focused on student success and achievement.  We will continue to promote post-secondary education through our programs, courses, and partnerships with institutes of higher education.  In addition, we will continue to promote the “No Excuses” philosophy and establish a college going atmosphere dedicated to promoting our culture of universal achievement and post-secondary education.  We will utilize various methods of communication to keep all stakeholders informed and allow for input.  We will continue to offer a high quality education and monitor student data for necessary interventions and additional supports needed.  We will continue to promote student involvement and provide opportunities for personal growth, including challenging students beyond what they think themselves capable of.  

If you would like to be part of our winning team, do not hesitate to contact me directly.  We welcome parent and community involvement. There will be opportunities for you to participate in assemblies, college and career days, learning walks, volunteer as guest speakers, and more.  Please be sure to check our website and facebook page for updates and opportunities to see our students shine! Thank you for your continued support and input.


Angel Lopez

Taft High School Principal