Eva Martinez Classroom Website

Hello My Name Is...

              Eva Martinez              .

Schedule 2012-2013 

 1st  Period  Algebra I
 2nd Period  Algebra I
 3rd Period  Algebra I PAP
 4th  Period  Empower Hour
5th Period  Pre-Cal
 6th Period  TAKS Prep
 7th Period  Algebra I
 8th Period  Conference
   Tutorials in Room 20

   Monday   3:50 - 4:50
   Tuesday   3:50 - 4:50

Taft ISD Grading Policy

Major Grades (Exams, quizzes, projects)  - 60%
Minor Grades (Classwork, homework, class participation) - 40%
Late Work - All late is due the Wednesday before a grading period date or progress report
                    period date, unless previous arrangements have been made with me.