Our School

Taft ISD will
Attain Recognized status through a
Focus on
TEKS-based curriculum,

Professional Learning Communities
Rigor in academics
Individualized and
Data-driven instruction, and
Engaged, nurturing learning environments.

Bell Schedules

Monthly Character Traits


School Colors
Green and White

Alma Mater
Hail alma mater hats off to you,
Ever you'll find us loyal and true
Firm and undaunted ever we'll be,
Hail to the SCHOOL WE LOVE
Here's a toast to thee!

Fight Song
Fight fight fight for Taft High
We're gonna see those colors true
Fight fight fight for Taft High

We're gonna send that ball straight through

And when the game is over you will know
It was a case of do or die,
It was a V-I-C-T-O-R-Y,

And that's the spirit of 'ol Taft High